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The first thing you notice about the Ellis Makati is its unique shape but that isn’t all that is unique about this building project by Megaworld, it is designed to be unique, offering residents a different type of condominium, one which has units of different layouts instead of the uniformity associated with traditional condo units. There are many other different and unique features to this project, all of which are designed to afford a better, individual lifestyle for those who dare to be different.


The developer for the Ellis Makati project is the Megaworld Corporation, the Philippines leading builder of residential condominiums since 1989. Since its’ founding the Megaworld Corporation has successfully built and marketed over 320 projects that included office towers, commercial centers, residential buildings and world-class hotels and employs a workforce in excess of 180,000 either directly or indirectly, making it a major employer in the country. Since the Corporation started, its success and professionalism has been recognized by its receiving of numerous prestigious awards within the real estate industry.


One of the 16 cities in the Philippines’ that form the Metro Manila region, Makati is the country’s financial hub and is known for its large business sector, tall buildings and malls. As well as having the country’s highest concentration of multi-national corporations, Makati is also home to many foreign embassies and consulates.

With a population of over ½ million, Makati is the 41st most densely populated city in the world and the Philippines 17th largest. The need for residential projects like The Ellis Makati becomes apparent when although the population numbers ½ million, it is estimated that over million work in the city on an average work day, meaning an equal ½ million have to commute daily.

As well as Makati’s business and diplomatic prominence, in 2011 the Makati Tourism Foundation launched a US$1.5 billion development plan "Make It Happen, Make it Makati" to increase tourism, making arts and culture the focal points. This means that Makati will become even more ‘the place to live’, close to business, diplomatic, retail and entertainment venues well into the future.   

Residential Units

The unusual shape of The Ellis Makati allows for a variety of floor plans for each individual unit plus each of the 30 level’s floor plans are also different, getting away from the monotonous “one plan fits all” traditional condominium units and where a unit has a balcony, each of them is located differently in each unit, once again showing the individual uniqueness of the residences.

As well as each unit being different, there are different sized units available, some of which are town house style, taking up a double level. The different types of units are:

1 bedroom units with a choice of either 64sq.m or 69sq.m
2 bedroom units with a floor space of 75sq.m

There are also options for a 2 bedroom unit which comprises a 1 bedroom and studio combined or a 3 bedroom comprising a 2 bedroom and studio combined which are called Link Units and come with or without balconies.

The building itself has 30 storeys which hold a total of 237 residential units and parking levels as well as basement parking. The ground floor has the building’s lobby consisting of a reception counter, lounge and commercial outlets as well as the 24 hour security command center. The 8th level houses the amenities and 6 dual level residential units. Levels 9 to 30 each house 11 residential units.

The Link Units were introduced to this building project in order for someone to have their office in the same location as their residence, avoiding all commute times where possible but for those that do need to commute, having their car parked handy is convenient.


As Makati this is one of the busiest places in the country, it is good to know that there is secure parking at your residence. With both above ground podium parking and 4 basement levels available for parking, residents need never be far from their own transport. As Makati is surrounded by the country’s major roads, getting to destinations outside of the city can be as easy as getting to ones inside, especially during the rush hours. For journeys still further afield, the International Airport is only a 20 minute drive away.


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