The Ellis Makati - LOCATION

The Ellis Makati is located at L.P Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Makati in general is an ideal location for a residential project but the Ellis Makati also has a prime location within Makati with all the conveniences any resident will ever need, all within easy reach.

Restaurants that include:

  • Sprout
  • Bento box
  • Bar M
  • Friss Point
  • Chocolate Fire

Schools including:

  • Apple Seed Montessori
  • Mapua IT Center
  • Ateneo Profesional Schools
  • Spurgeon School Foundation
  • Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law


Makati Medical Center
FortMED Medical Clinic
Barangay BelAir Health Office
Supercare Medical Services Incorporated Makati Branch

Plus 18 Parks, 27 Banks, 2 Drug Stores, 7 Churches and no less than 46 Diplomatic Missions or Embassies meaning Ellis Makati is ideally situated for whatever your needs may be.

Although your residence may be in the heart of a thriving business area, the fact that there are 18 parks within a short distance means that you do not have to waste time in your recreational pursuits or your business commutes. Surrounded by some of the country’s major highways ensures you reach domestic locations easy whilst being only 20 minutes from the International Airport means foreign destinations can be reached almost as easily as the domestic ones.

The location of schools and hospitals to residences is always a concern for many but with a wide variety all within a 1km distance, no potential resident should have any fears in those matters. The same of course goes for recreational pursuits. Although there are amenities within the tower for many recreational pursuits, whatever isn’t should easily be found in one of the malls or parks, again within easy reach.

With major tourism plans for Makati still only in their infancy, many more recreational and entertainment venues should start to appear, adding to those that already exist and any additional tourism that is attracted will help to keep Makati among one of the most prosperous cities in the Philippines, with all the advantages to residents that that comes with.

Although already densely populated, the Ellis Makati ensures that your own personal space is secured and that you have all the comforts you deserve, along with security, convenience and a relaxing lifestyle, untroubled by long commutes or rush hour traffic.


  • Tambunting - 0.22 km
  • King of Travel - 0.23 km
  • Biomedica - 0.28 km
  • Jazz Mall - 0.41 km
  • Teekay Shipping Philippines - 0.46 km


  • Chocolate Fire - 0.08 km
  • Friss Point - 0.10 km
  • Bar M - 0.12 km
  • Bento box - 0.13 km
  • Sprout - 0.14 km


  • Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law - 0.06 km
  • Spurgeon School Foundation - 0.12 km
  • Ateneo Profesional Schools - 0.22 km
  • Mapua IT Center - 0.28 km
  • Apple Seed Montessori - 0.32 km


  • Supercare Medical Services Incorporated Makati Branch - 0.10 km
  • Barangay BelAir Health Office - 0.35 km
  • FortMED Medical Clinic - 0.39 km
  • Makati Medical Center - 0.54 km
  • Aventus - 0.63 km
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