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The Ellis is not your usual condo in Makati that has the conventional amenities and features that are virtually the same as those of other residential condos across the metropolis. At the Ellis Makati, you will find unique amenities and features that address the needs of students and the working class. Just take a look at these worthwhile amenities: 


Roughly translated as the Collaborative Project, the CoLab Shared Spaces is a unique concept wherein residents (especially the students and the young professionals) could have access to a specially designed room. In this room, one could casually walk in, have a cup of coffee, turn on their laptops, and work or study silently within the range of their own home.

The Town Hall Function Room:

Here in the Ellis Makati, you will be able to share with your next door neighbors, friends, and family in a modern space, an informal gathering or get-together through the community Town Hall. Experience the thrill of entertaining your loved ones and intimate friends (large or small in numbers) with this unique event venue designed to host jolly parties and other events.

The Pause and Play Room:

The Pause and Play Room is also unique at the Ellis, the condo for sale in Makati that is fully packed with unique features. This room is designed for a respite from the usual daily toil of work. You can hangout with your friends in this room while playing games which include board games, educational books, and other educational entertainment and activities. A perfect venue for the tired mind and soul, the Pause and play Room will keep you sane and rejuvenated.

Other amenities at the Ellis Makati include lap and kiddie pools, and a fitness center that nourishes the body of the needed workout.


  • Colab (co-working space)
  • Lap pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Outdoor lounge on composite wood deck
  • Function room
  • Male and female changing room
  • Fitness center
  • Wifi internet access at amenity area
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Just as the Ellis Makati Tower is uniquely shaped and the residential units are uniquely individual, some of the amenities provided by the project are also somewhat unique. These unique amenities include:

Parking – The podium parking area has its own driver’s lounge and a driver’s paging system to make life more convenient for both drivers and residents alike

Outdoor Area – On the 8th floor, next to the pools is a wooden, outdoor relaxation area for when residents feel like some fresh air but don’t want to mingle with the crowds.

CoLAB – Designed to help create a feeling of unity with other residents, the CoLAb is a unique, shared amenity that provides a non-conventional working space for any residents that want to walk in, pour a coffee and go online creating networks with other like-minded residents.

Town Hall – Although this may have a unique name for a condominium, it is in reality a general function room where business or social gatherings can be held. Like any other function room in condominiums, this allows residents to organize events that can take place in their own residential complex, saving on time searching for venues and repeated journeys to supervise the setup of the meetings.

Although these amenities may be unique to Ellis Makati, some of the other amenities are already popular in other condominiums and they include:

Fitness Center – For many people just reaching a gym is an exercise on its own but for residents of Ellis Makati, all the exercise they need to do are ones of their choosing as a fitness room is provided for just that purpose.

Pause and Play Room – This idea may not be unique but is still fairly rare as it provides a room complete with books, board games and other relaxing activities, especially to create an atmosphere of relaxation where residents, together or individually, can come to relieve the stress from a hard day’s work.

Lap and Kiddie Pools - These are located alongside the wooden deck area on the 8th floor and provide a place where relaxation takes on a whole new meaning. Rest in the cooling waters of the infinity pool or just sit back on a recliner on the deck and enjoy the al-fresco experience whilst contemplating the majestic Makati skyline.

The 8th floor also has male and female changing rooms so you can change before getting into one of the 3 elevators that will take you back to your level for a snack or a nap.

Although most condominiums are in general, known for their outstanding amenities, with The Ellis Makati, the Magaworld Corporation has taken the word amenities to a whole new level, leaving very little in the form of recreation that residents have to leave the complex to find. When amenities like this are all available in a residential building, the residents find they are more relaxed, less stressed and altogether more comfortable as little, if any commuting is needed between different recreational venues, affording more time for the actual activity, even if that activity is just relaxing quietly in the fresh air.

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